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The Employment Skills Center has been helping individuals become more employable, productive, and self-sufficient community members through education and training for the last fifty-three years.

Formed in 1967, they have served more than fourteen thousand people in Carlisle and Cumberland County, helping them step up from poverty and dependency to employment and self sufficiency.

They serve adults in search of raising their levels of basic academic skills, acquiring job-readiness and employability skills, and refining their life skills so that they will be empowered to succeed, while better defining their life's goals.

Their programs represent a second chance for many to achieve a better education, a better job, and a more fulfilling life.

Important Dates to Remember for Buck-A-Book 2023:

January 5th ~ Families of Wordy Worm Essay Contest winners are notified.

January 9th ~ Buck-A-Book kick-off at North Dickinson Elementary during lunch periods.

January 9th ~ Buck-A-Book Envelopes will be sent home with students.

January 17th ~ Community Readers at North Dickinson during Library classes.

January 26th, 27th, or 28th ~ Buck-A-Book Envelopes returned to North Dickinson.

February 23rd or 24th ~ Buck-A-Book prizes will be delivered to North Dickinson.

March 5th ~ Wrap-up event held at Bosler Memorial Library.


We are again participating in Buck-A-Book, a fundraiser for the Employment Skills Center. Student Entry Envelopes will be sent home with students on January 9th. Please consider having friends and relatives pledge $1 per book read.

Buck-A-Book will begin the week of January 9th. All participants are eligible for reading incentives which are outlined on the Buck-A-Book envelope. Thank you for making a difference in our community!

*Please contact the school office with any questions regarding this information or if you have difficulty accessing the links and/or files.

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